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WizeDSP achieved a significant scientific breakthrough in the field of wireless acoustic communication (for IoT), and in the field of acoustic sensors for a microphone technology with an ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio. These technologies will have a major impact on many fields:

MEMS Microphones that pick up sounds 30 times better than current microphones, finally allowing a natural human-machine dialogue. This will revolutionize the usability of natural language understanding (NLU) and opens up huge markets for WizeDSP in Smart Phones, Smart Assistants, Automotive, Robotics, Smart Home and many other verticals.

GiWi Acoustic communication: is simple, robust, inexpensive, and requires less battery power than any competing short-range communication technology. WizeDSP revolutionary acoustic communication technology offers a data rate of 18kbps at a range up to 40 meters. WizeDSP acoustic communication is robust, less expensive, requires much less power, needs no pairing, and overcomes any Doppler effect and is, simply put, “fit for purpose” for the exponentially expanding (“More than Moore”) IoT market.