Dr. Moty Bahar M.D

Medical Resume

2003 Appointed by the Minister of Health as Medical Adjudicator on behalf of the National Insurance Institute.
1998-Present Expert Advisor, Clalit HMO, Tel Aviv-Jaffa District.
1997 Continuing education program in Autologous Microsurgery under Prof. Andre Sultan, Paris.
1993 Head of the R&D team on behalf of Siemens, Germany.
The team was responsible for simulator development for the hearing-impaired.
1987-1995 Senior Head & Neck Surgeon, ENT Department, Beilinson Hospital, Petah
1981-1987 ENT Residency, Beilinson Hospital, Petah Tikva.
1980-1981 Internship, Beilinson Hospital, Petah Tikva.
1974-1980 Medical studies, University of Milan, Italy.


Business Resume​

1983-present Founder and CEO at Orthophone Group,
a privately owned group of companies - to be detailed further.
1990-1992  Founder and Medical Director at Femi Health Services
The company has initiated, marketed and provided medical insurance services to the foreign population in Israel.
Services were provided nationwide under HMO format. Group holdings were sold in February 2002.
Femi was established in collaboration with Davidoff Insurance Group.
1994-2002 Founder and Medical Director at MedSave, Long Island, USA
The company provided cost containment and claim handling services to insurance companies worldwide.
Group holdings were sold in February 2002.
1997-1998 Founder and General Manager at Clal Medical Service Management Ltd.
Company owned by Femi and Clal Insurance Co. Ltd.
The company provided medical services to Clal Insurance policyholders.
Held the position of Clal Group Senior Advisor regarding the fields of life and health insurance.
1997-2005 Lecturer at Sharir Insurance College, Tel Aviv
Lecturer in the subjects of underwriting and claim settlement regarding health insurance policies,
overseas travel insurance and related services.
2005-2009 Founder and Director of Medline Isr.
The company operated a medical service center, including emergency,
cardiology and other medical services to insurance companies and HMOs.