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The company's status: the company was founded in Israel in the beginning of 2018. The company's offices are in Tel Aviv and the cyber lab is located in Petach Tikvah.

The base of our cyber lab has been successfully constructed, including the initial model (demo) of the cyber kit. Moreover, the company has completed the recruitment of an exceptional advisory committee. The committee is a rare group that includes senior officers from the field of security and cyber, such as a former Chief of the General Staff (Benny Gantz),a former commander of the C4I Corps (Ami Shafran), a former commander of the 8200 unit (Yair Cohen), a senior official in a civilian cyber department (Rami Efrati) and the Chairman of Israel's National Committee for Research and Development (Prof' Daniel Hershkowitz).


Introduction of the company's activities

The company established a unique platform that provides a solution to the three main areas of cyber

  1. Millions unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021
  2. Darkweb market growing rapidly
  3. Lack of privacy protection in IoT (there is no stable security standard)


The platform is comprised of three layers

  1. The physical layer - cyber lab + a shared network based on cyber kits.
  2. The virtual layer - a system to locate and train cyber personnel (in an innovative way, in addition to simulations and computer/app games).
  3. The business layer - building business models and sponsorships to create a public global standard for privacy protection concerning IoT products.


Complimentary products

Cyber patents focused on the cyber community, distribution through a hardware network, virtual distribution abilities, etc.


>> White paper