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Nevo Robotics is engaged in the revolution in the field of medication management, in pharmacies and hospitals.
The company was formed in 2016, as a sister company to Nevo Medical, to bring solutions and improvements in this field.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services “Adverse drug events (ADEs) which means (i.e. mistakes in medication management process) result in the US in more than 770,000 injuries and deaths each year and cost up to $5.6 million per hospital, depending on size.
Many ADE injuries and resulting hospital costs can be reduced if hospitals make changes to their systems for preventing and detecting ADEs.”

This understanding made the US Health Sector to introduce improved methods for medication management in the last 20 years, and resulted in savings of up to 35% of medication cost, and up to 99% decrease in errors.

The European Health Sector, with same numbers, had started its change in the last 10 years, and the results are seen wherever the improved processes and automation had been implemented.

Introducing such improvements requires strong understanding in process analysis and improvements, implementation of automation and robotics (including the installation and the long-term support and service) and integration of information systems to support it.

In the last years, Nevo Robotics had combined its vast experience in the Israeli Health market and utilize experienced installation and support team, combined with equipment and IT systems from leading global suppliers, to bring those solutions to the Israeli market.

Nevo Robotics work with its customers to understand the existing status, to create the vision for the future and to present various paths and steps to advance.