Medtecnica Orthophon

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The company operates a group of subsidiaries which holds the largest market share of communication disorders in Israel since 1989. The company is the exclusive representative of Siemens/Sivantos in the audio vocal field, operating 70 branches nationwide. In addition, the company represents other international companies, such as:

  • Rexton (hearing aids)
  • BHM (bone conduction hearing systems)
  • MED-EL (cochlear implants)
  • Comfort Audio (FM systems)
  • Maico (diagnostic equipment)


In 2014, Siemens Global awarded Medtechnica Orthophone the Business Excellence Award "Distributor of the Year 2014".

During 2014, Amplifon Ltd. (a public company listed in Milan, operating 3,200 branches in 22 countries, with an annual turnover of €2 billion), decided to start operating in Israel. Following negotiations, Medtechnica Orthophone was chosen to represent Amplifon in Israel. Amplifon has acquired a substantial share of the company’s shares.