Medirisk Solution

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  • MediRisk Inc. developed an innovative method for setting individual medical profiles for use by life, health and pension insurance. The Medirisk service enables insurers to shift from the traditional manual underwriting process to a fully automated, web-based, multilingual underwriting (UW) decision-making solution. It is also a springboard for innovative insurance business models, such as a pure web based direct-to-consumer insurance model.
  • MediRisk is designed to automatically process 100% of the applications, applying any desired logic. An underwriting decision is delivered in minutes at point of sale or online. MediRisk can be either integrated in back office infrastructure or be used as a service in a cloud environment.
  • MediRisk is the combined effort of top Medical Underwriters and over 50 doctors, which contributed to the development of the “MediRisk Underwriting Brain”.
  • Designed to eliminate the subjective factor from the medical underwriting decision.
  • Automated underwriting decision based on an advanced rule-based engine and algorithm. The algorithm produces a personal profile number (MediRisk score) reflecting the prospect’s “healthiness value”. The score uses personal data, cross linking demographic, social, occupational, medical, and pharmaceutical (etc.) characteristics.
  • Based on the “MediRisk score”, a complete underwriting decision (accept, decline, additional premium, exclusions, refer for human underwriting or evidence required) is generated in minutes for 100% of the questionnaires.


Challenges We Solve

  • The life and health insurance underwriting process is labor intensive and typically takes days.
  • Customers prefer a real time decision on availability and pricing of life insurance 


Case Study: the system is used in Menorah-Insurance Company, one of Israel’s insurance companies (backed up by one of the main reinsurance organizations). Logic was adapted to life, health, disability and pension products with over 1.5 million applications processed. Menorah has in-house full control over logic and data.